Chapter 1128 (Teaser)

‘I know there are many weaknesses in the sword dance.’

The sword dance was literally a dance. A dance while wielding the sword. There were some unnecessary and unhelpful movements in combat. There were many forced movements because each sword dance visualized a specific object or concept. A typical example was when he needed to take a stride—the gap was a deadly weakness and many talents had targeted it.

However, the reason Grid was able to survive until now was that he sublimated his weaknesses into strengths. Grid had reached a point where he used most of the movements in the sword dance as defensive or evasive maneuvers. He also minimized the useless behavior by evolving the sword dance itself. It wouldn’t have been possible without his bone-deep efforts.

However, at this moment, the sword dance was once again attacked. Grid once again felt the limits of the sword dance and was in a great sense of disarray. Nevertheless, he didn’t become frustrated. It was just a part of Grid, not the whole Grid. The days when denying the sword dance meant denying Grid was long over.

‘It will be different.’

Grid calmly looked at Biban’s eyes. Biban’s gaze was clearly scanning Grid’s lower body. It was to read the direction of the stride and to block...

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