Chapter 1126 (Teaser)

The meeting with Kraugel three days ago was an obvious mistake and failure. Biban acted cautiously because he couldn’t tolerate the two failures himself, let alone seek forgiveness from the tower.

‘Control my temper...’ Biban told himself repeatedly as he roamed around Overgeared City for the past three days. He barely suppressed his nature while searching thoroughly for someone stronger than Kraugel. In the end, Mercedes was the one he found. Biban measured Mercedes’ capabilities and was truly impressed. He was convinced about why Kraugel lost. Mercedes showed a ruler’s dignity with every action, and the small circle on her head proved her identity.

‘She is the ruler of this country,’ Biban came to this conclusion after watching Mercedes. He tried to make contact with her, but she never came out of the castle.

‘What is the identity of the person who made this barrier?’

It was unexpectedly difficult to approach Mercedes quietly. In fact, it was virtually impossible to infiltrate the castle undetected. It wasn’t just because of the magic but also the protection of the elementals. Biban had only trained in the sword, so he was weak in magic...

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