Chapter 1125 (Teaser)

“Why are you only saying that now?!”

“Master didn’t give me a chance to speak.”

“A chance should be won by yourself! How can a Sword Saint be easily overthrown and lose his chance?”

“As Master evaluated earlier, I am still lacking. On the other hand, Master is a member of the noble tower. I couldn’t resist.”

Aish, kids these days are weak. I used to beat a dragon with one hand when I was the Sword Saint.”

“I’ve never heard of a legend like that.”

"Hum hum, you are brave and fearless. You shouldn’t have said anything. Do you know how to respect your elders?”

“I’m sorry.”


The unidentified man felt something called shame. He might be irresponsible by nature but he couldn’t hold Kraugel accountable. Kraugel’s polite attitude to the end despite the unjust situation made the mysterious man feel ashamed.

‘There are no true wise men.’

The mysterious man had lived hundreds of years and knew that the personality of a person was innate and not easily corrected. He wasn’t an elder just because he lived a long time and being young didn’t necessarily mean being ignorant. If a person who lived for a long time was unconditionally wise, would the world be like this? It would be peaceful because it was overflowing with wise men.

‘I don’t know anything else but this child’s personality is real.’

The mysterious man let out a deep sigh.

Sigh, what does it matter? I will die soon.”

“Is it because you leaked the circumstances of the tower to me?”

"That's right. I can’t avoid punishment.”

“Is it punishable by death?”

“Those are serious words! Don’t you know the words metaphor and exaggeration?...

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