Chapter 1123 (Teaser)

He could make a smithy without any building skills...?

Ke ong smiled at the startled Grid. “It is a simple problem. Don’t you need mathematical calculations for blacksmithing? Blacksmiths must consider balance even when making the sword hilt, and the balance comes from standards. The closer it is to the ideal standard, the more qualified the sword. Yet does Your Majesty think about numbers when making a sword?”

He didn’t. Of course, he tried to strike an ideal balance. It was because he knew from experience that items created without considering the balance would ultimately be failures. Nevertheless, he didn’t use a complex formula every time he created an item. The same was true when creating a blueprint, which was a feast of numbers.

It was the power of the system. All the parts related to numbers were solved using the system correction effect. This was one of the privileges of being a player. It was just that NPCs didn’t understand the concept of a system and interpreted it as talent or experience.

“I don’t do that.”

“Architecture is the same. There are many things to consider in architecture, but in fact, a small building is something where you shouldn’t have to worry about numbers. Of course, this is if you have the right talent and dexterity. However, Your Majesty is a legendary blacksmith, and your talent and dexterity will definitely be enough.”


It was sophistry. The NPC Ke might not understand, but a player was limited by the system. A building...

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