Chapter 1122 (Teaser)

[The Overgeared Kingdom and the elf species have signed an alliance.]


“Why is this happening?”

The numerous players and reporters. They all stiffened like statues as they searched the World Tree’s Forest for the site of Resh’s broadcast, which cut off at the critical moment. The sight of tens of thousands of humans across the continent stopping at the same time were scenes that would be talked about for a long time in the future between the S.A Group’s staff. The title of the scene was ‘Statues of Fools.’


The reporters hurried out of the game. Those who were judged to be in ‘combat’ and couldn’t log out still forced the logout, even if it meant dying. Didn’t everyone know the nature of the elves? The news about the Overgeared Kingdom allying with the elves was something that couldn’t be missed.


“Wow, the Overgeared Kingdom is doing as well as always.”

Pearl Island. It was a place where only the traces of a country lost a long time ago remained. This was the stage of the 1st National Competition’s PvP event and one man and one woman were fighting side-by-side. The female’s ID was Jishuka and the male’s ID was Bondre. They didn’t seem to have a good relationship.

“Isn’t an alliance with the elves beyond the standard? Is there a genius in diplomacy in the Overgeared Kingdom? Or...”

The air froze. The transparent particles gathered together...

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