Chapter 1121 (Teaser)

“I heard that the 12 Te are the heads of the family. Can you leave your position?”

Piaro was different from Grid. They naturally had to be different. Grid was born as a single person while Piaro was a hero who had been loved by beautiful women. He had gotten married after a long relationship and had a family.

“I have been wandering about during the past few years, so my family was well-maintained even after I went into the rafflesia’s stomach. My family won’t be harmed in my absence.”

“You’ve nurtured your successor.”

Huhut, that’s right.”

The 12 Te each had a successor, with the exception of the young Deruyaru. Additionally, the capabilities of their successors were superior to Deruyaru’s. Apart from Deruyaru, the rest of the Te had been educated by the ‘male elves.’ Meanwhile, Deruyaru and their successors had been educated by the ‘female elves.’ 

“Then I can take you away with peace of mind.”

Huh?” Beniyaru had been bitterly smiling as she thought of those despicable men who sold their kin because they were weak and lazy. Then her ears pricked up.

Piaro’s deep gaze was focused on her. “I like you. I will surely take away your heart so that you can completely settle in the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Piaro knew that Beniyaru liked him. It was just difficult for her to confess her heart first when considering the nature of the elves. That’s why he pretended...

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