Chapter 1118 (Teaser)

Sunlight seeped into white hair and eyelashes, causing them to shine transparently like a snowfield. The pupils below it were a clear blue, like the sea under the clouds. There were no blemishes on the skin that seemed to be sprayed by white paint. The thick nose and pink lips were also in harmony, making people wonder if there was a more beautiful woman in the world.

-So pretty. 

The viewers flocked to Resh’s video the moment it went live. They were captivated by the sight of the white Mercedes on the screen. Both men and women were fascinated by her beauty and unaware of the situation in the video. Then suddenly...

-It is real...

The viewers were shocked. The battle between Mercedes and Lee Jeong was so high-level they could only see that it was ‘over Grid’. Then Kyle suddenly awakened in a manner reminiscent of a final boss. Kyle’s momentary presence was so fearsome that it gave the impression that even the famous legendary farmer was no match for Kyle.

 -Ah, it is the end.

The audience groaned. Surrounded by Kyle and the followers, Mercedes quickly received serious injuries and became bloody...

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