Chapter 1117 (Teaser)

“What? An orc is fine after my blood magic?”

Grruk. It hurts. Vampire. Bad! Grruk!

“A kid who hasn’t lost his baby fat shouldn’t talk back to me! I have lived hundreds of years longer than you!”

“A strong person. Gruruk. Adult!”

“This rude little bastard! Ack! My potatoes! Give me my potatoes!”


The potato battle between Teruchan, who looked like an uncle in his mid-30s, and Noll, a beautiful youth who seemed to be in his teens, intensified while Skunk’s party watched with bemused expressions. It was a confusing conversation where a vampire and carnivorous orc argued over a potato, so they thought it was a bug.

‘Is the red potato special...?’ Skunk’s group started to pay attention to the blood potatoes.

‘The Five Seniors and Chiyou.’ Meanwhile, Grid was thinking about the organizational chart of the Hwan Kingdom. Garam and Pagma were yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom. On top of them was Chiyou. who gave the test to the yangbans, and the Five Seniors they served.

‘First... I don’t think the average yangban are gods.’

Grid knew Garam and Pagma well. Their combat power was unique, especially when Pagma overwhelmed the great demons, but it...

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