Chapter 1116 (Teaser)

‘The seven malignant saints failed because they didn’t rely on the expelled gods.’

This was the confession of Grandmaster Zikfrector. He was insistent. In order to bring down the gods of the present, he had to meet the expelled gods. The way to meet them hid in the Abyss. What were the expelled gods? Grid was filled with intense curiosity. He vowed to explore the Abyss as soon as he had the power to raid the hydra.

“Tell me about the expelled gods!”

Then a martial god follower he met by chance referred to the expelled gods. He even acted like he knew them well. Unlike the grandmaster, this person viewed them in a negative fashion.

Grid released Link with as much strength as possible. Dozens of energy blades struck but Lee Jeong used a mysterious way of protecting himself and blocked them all. No, he thought he blocked all of it.


Lee Jeong was surprised. A knife cut into a corner of his eyes hidden by the blindfold. There were a few additional scratches scattered around his body, causing him to bleed. It was the effect of every blow activating Braham’s Wind Cutter. Of course, the improved Wind Cutter was still weak in power. It couldn’t cause him to suffer at all. However, Lee Jeong was surprisingly shaken.

‘It is something...

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