Chapter 1114 (Teaser)


It was the sword which was created by Sword Saint Kraugel and Overgeared King Grid and used by the legendary knight Mercedes. There were exclamations all over the place when the World Crushing Sword of the Noble White Tiger revealed its form. The blade was white and transparent like Mercedes’ skin while the crown-shaped knuckle bow grip seemed like a significant work of art, a symbol of power and prestige. Yes, art. It was likely to decorate an emperor’s wall.

Then what was the reality? The White Tiger Sword wasn’t an ornament. It was a war weapon where all the elements that made up the sword specialized in combat. The sword combined with Mercedes’ unstoppable movements to become an ideal state.


The White Tiger Sword roared, the ground shook, and the forest swelled. Arrows poured down like rain, and bushes hindered their vision. There were also sharp thorns and bumpy rocks. The martial god followers, who had been leisurely breaking through all the obstacles, lost their balance and started to fall down.

Only one person was different. One man, who had his eyes blindfolded, used his restrained hands to maintain his balance in the air.

Mercedes stared at the cloudy dust that was falling over her head. The White Tiger Sword and the follower’s restraints collided. The earth once again...

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