Chapter 1112 (Teaser)

‘Did Grid learn his swordsmanship from Asmophel?’

Resh’s misunderstanding was natural. Asmophel’s swordsmanship, which depicted the birth and death of a flower, looked like the final evolution of the Flower sword dance that Grid introduced recently.

Fire Sword Asmophel...

The skills of a person hailed as the pillar of the empire along with the current legend Piaro were as great as claimed by the rumors Resh had heard. The bud that blossomed in Kyle exploded. The destructive power that didn’t allow any screams stirred the forest.

In the midst of the explosion, the ragged Kyle popped out. He didn’t lose any momentum despite his body being covered with blood.

The eyes of Amelda, Kentrick, and Dante shook.

“W-What? Why is he fine?”

“Well... he seems to have pushed the exploding force away with his own power.”


The three knights knew. In the past, Asmophel had remained as number two because of the limitations of his swordsmanship. Asmophel’s swordsmanship produced a powerful explosive force using sword energy and had a strong wide-area destructive power, but it was relatively weak against single targets and consumed...

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