Chapter 111 (Teaser)

Chapter 111

He couldn’t see a way to escape. Grid decided that he needed to defeat the Guardian of the Labyrinth to escape, and grabbed Dainsleif. Then he took advantage of his high agility to leap up the wall.

“Pagma's Sword Dance...!”

Grid used the sword dance while in the air! Then he appeared in front of the guardian’s face and stabbed Dainsleif in deeply.




[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 68,700 damage.]


The Guardian of the Labyrinth shook after being stabbed with Kill. Thousands of kilograms were pushed back. It was a testament to the tremendous weight behind Kill.

“Okay! I can do it!”

Kill was a skill that dealt 1,500% of the caster’s current damage. It was unfortunate that it was a single target skill, but the attack power was the best among all existing skills in Satisfy. It was also the skill that dealt the last...

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