Chapter 1109 (Teaser)

“Ah, it is really dirty.”

Was it because the weather was too hot? Grid quickly stopped this line of thought. The Comet Group’s diamond capsule, which was favored by Grid, helped maintain the ideal body temperature. South Korea might be experiencing a heat wave of 36 degrees Celsius but Grid’s temperature was perfect as he connected to Satisfy and his discomfort index was zero. 

Still, Grid continued to be annoyed and felt unpleasant. Swear words kept coming out from his mouth involuntarily. He had been in this state since he went to the Gauss Kingdom. He felt like there was a constant ringing in his ears. Why? What was this? Grid thought about it and realized the cause of his anger was Euphemina.


He couldn’t concentrate. Grid, who had wanted to make an item while waiting for Skunk, finally left the smithy. Then he sent a whisper to Euphemina.


Two hours ago—it had been before he met Lauel.

Grid returned to Reinhardt and contacted Euphemina first. It was to check if she was okay. Grid had asked anxiously several times and Euphemina had smiled and replied that she was fine. 

-Are you still worried? I’m really fine.

As usual, Euphemina responded with a voice that was as bright as possible.

-I didn’t drop any items and the experience can be recovered quickly. Compared to you, I’m still at a low level so...

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