Chapter 1108

In the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt...

Lauel’s eyes widened as Grid informed him about what happened in the forest. 

“Isn’t that Baal? No, there is no doubt that it is Baal?”

“It is impossible.” Grid denied Lauel's speculation. “Baal is almost like a final boss. The timing is too early for him to appear and there was no strength.”

The basis for Grid’s thoughts wasn’t poor. The great demons Belial and Berith boasted a fearsome strength. Putting aside other players, even Grid had seen the ease at which they caused despair. If the identity of the great demon he encountered in the forest was Baal, the absolute monarch of hell, Grid would experience a sense of fear that would be hard to endure.

However, Grid hadn’t been afraid.

“It makes no sense for a final boss to appear in the body of one user. It is too unbalanced if a specific player can borrow the power of a final boss. The S.A Group shouts about balance all the time and wouldn’t allow such a situation.”

“Aren’t you allowed to borrow Braham’s power?”

“Braham isn’t a final boss.”

“I think that for an average person, Braham or Baal are just as fraudulent.”

“In any case, it is different. That must not be Baal,” Grid reiterated, “He was even less powerful than the grandmaster.”

He wasn’t talking casually. The demonic energy that was emitted from Agnus’ possessed body was lower than Great Demon Berith. No, it wasn’t much better than Belial. If the grandmaster hadn’t been asleep then it would’ve likely been forced on the defensive by the grandmaster. It was too weak to be 1st Great Demon Baal, even if Baal was subjected to a number of penalties by possessing a player’s body.

Of course, the fact that Grid’s fighting energy filled up so quickly, the great demon freely using shunpo, and the great demon destroying Grid’s demonic energy meant it was likely to be a higher ranked great demon. However, this didn’t mean it was Baal.

“Didn’t he say he was the master of hell’s throne?”

“Is there only one throne in hell? Hell has 33 territories and 33 great demons that each rule a territory. There are naturally 33 thrones.”

“Agnus is Baal’s Contractor.”

“It is difficult to assume that Agnus is involved with Baal just because he is Baal’s Contractor. I’m not contracted with Belial or Berith but I can use their power. It isn’t strange if Agnus can borrow the power of other great demons through some method, such as runes.”

“Still, didn’t the great demon know Pagma very well? Shouldn’t Baal know Pagma the best among the great demons since Pagma was the previous Baal’s Contractor?”

Pagma—this was the core point. The demon who descended into Agnus’ body had a high understanding of Pagma and compared Grid to Pagma. That’s why Lauel saw that Baal was the identity of the great demon.

However, this was also denied by Grid. “Pagma was someone who single-handedly prevented the hell army’s invasion of the Behen Archipelago. There would be more than one great demon who fought against Pagma. Most of the great demons who participated in the war, not just Baal, would know about Pagma.”

Hmm... indeed." Lauel conceded. Grid was the Hero King who purified the Behen Archipelago and he went directly to Asgard to meet the gods. His understanding of the great demons and gods transcended Lauel’s knowledge. Lauel’s guess was less likely to be correct than Grid’s guess. “Then who do you think descended into Agnus’ body?”

“Is it Amoract?”

“You mean Yatan’s First Servant that Braham talked about.”

“Yes, he is the one most likely and willing to intervene.”

“Nevertheless, he seemed to be hard-working if he is running the Yatan Church behind the scenes...”


“It is a bit unreasonable to say he is a very free person who has fun watching the pretensions of the gods and humans every day...”

“Then it must be someone else. In the first place, what is the importance of his identity?”

After all, it was a great demon who could only be expressed through the medium of items or skills. The power of the great demon attached to the rune wasn’t a match to the power of the living great demons and the assimilation with Braham had obvious limitations. The same was true of the great demon who borrowed Agnus’ body. He could just think of it as part of Agnus’ power. Did he need to waste time being stuck on this issue?

Grid didn’t want to discuss it any longer. Just thinking about Agnus was disgusting.

“There is a separate problem to worry about right now.”

Grid shared the quest information. It was the quest from the world tree.

[Early Death] 

[Difficulty Level: SS

The world tree wants the death of the dark elf, Beniyaru.

Help the world tree by killing Beniyaru.

Quest Clear Conditions: Beniyaru’s death.

Quest Reward: Slight increase in affinity with the world tree. The linked quest ‘Search’ will occur.

Quest Failure Penalty: None.

*This is a quest that has already been cleared.]


Lauel was also perplexed. The world tree had existed since the beginning and embraced all things like a mother. The sentence that he or she wanted to kill an elf was strange.

Grid explained, “The world tree has determined that Beniyaru is the cause of the darkness outside.”

The elves were pure but more stubborn than necessary. Their self-determination meant it wasn’t easy for them to be corrupted. If Grid hadn’t rescued the elves...

The world tree claimed that in the situation where Grid rescued the elves from Kir, Beniyaru had willingly assimilated with the darkness.

“Look at the next quest.”

Early Death was a quest that ended the moment that Beniyaru died. Grid brought up the information of the new linked quest.


[Difficulty: S

The world tree determined that the Beniyaru active in the Gauss Kingdom’s forest is a fake. The world tree suspects that the ancient species ‘rafflesia’ is responsible for this. The rafflesia have been a major threat to the forest visitors and tribes since ancient times since they nourished the darkness in the heart.

Please search for the location of the rafflesia, who hold Beniyaru’s main body.

Quest Clear Conditions: Find the rafflesia.

Quest Reward: Slight increase in affinity with the world tree. The maximum affinity with Beniyaru.

Quest Failure Penalty: None. Beniyaru’s death.]

Ah... the world tree is aware that Beniyaru is nothing more than a fake clone. It has unique insight from the beginning.”

“In the first place, don’t the ancient species only inhabit the forest of the world tree? That’s why it is exceptionally knowledgeable about the ancient species. In any case, is there anyone with good searching skills among Overgeared Two or the Overgeared Shadows? You know that I don’t have search-related skills, so I want to be supported by explorers or assassins.”

It was just a quest to find the rafflesia, not fight them. In fact, it was easy for a quest with an S-grade difficulty. Grid had no reason to refuse when it was an opportunity to rescue Beniyaru without taking a great risk. Why did he want to rescue Beniyaru?

One of the strongest of the ‘12 Te’, Grid calculated that it was important to build a favorable relationship with her and enter into a contract with her. He had also fought together with Beniyaru and shared her grief and anger. Grid’s desire to help her blossomed like a spring flower.

Lauel clearly knew this and smiled, “It isn’t easy to search the forest of the world tree. Unfortunately, the Overgeared Guild is lacking a talent that specializes in searching.”

“Shit. Is that right? It is no wonder why no one came to mind.” 

“There is only one outsider who is just right for this job.”


“Yes,” Lauel's finger pointed at Grid's chest, “A man who is fascinated by Your Majesty.”


“It is the first ranked explorer, Skunk. He will help Your Majesty.”


‘He has acted terribly since obtaining Kyle.’

Sighing had become a habit. Resh, the knight who served 2nd Imperial Prince Dulandal, felt like he was walking on thin ice every day. Dulandal had failed to give up on his ambition for the throne and conducted secret negotiations.

“I will liberate the forests of your nation.”

Dulandal sent letters to many kingdoms. It was a letter stating that with the power and authority of an imperial prince, he would reclaim the forests stolen by the elves. Then they would have to work closely with him in the future. It lay the groundwork for a supply of armed forces to take away the throne.

It was a very obvious proposal but surprisingly, many royals agreed. No, all the royal families who received Dulandal’s offer accepted it and asked for salvation. They wanted to reclaim the forests as soon as possible and were very dissatisfied with the current power situation.

They were forced to feel increasing dissatisfaction and anxiety because they were being destroyed while the empire and Overgeared Kingdom were sucking up honey. They hated the empire that only favored the Overgeared Kingdom. They hated the empire that released the different species in the name of unity while neglecting them. There was even a suspicion that the empire was using the excuse of unity in order to destroy them.

Then Dulandal made his proposal. He was just as disgruntled with the new empire and had the power to save them.

‘The position of the other kingdoms makes sense. However, Dulandal’s greed is too much.’

Dulandal still had many supporters. No, it was more than ever before. The corrupt nobles threatened by Basara's willingness to intervene in politics and the economy, unlike the former emperor, gathered around Prince Dulandal. Furthermore, Kyle’s recent return from the Ruins of the War God meant Dulandal’s force was no longer inferior to the dukes. If he had the power of the other kingdoms then he would become a force that the empress could no longer ignore. The empire might undergo a huge conflict.

‘There is no way Empress Basara doesn’t know about this...’

It would’ve been ideal if Basara stepped in and cut off the buds. Yet strangely, Basara neglected Dulandal. It was rumored that this was the will of the former emperor, who asked her to take care of his children. Still, what was the point if she was killed while trying to protect the will of the deceased? 

‘No, from the empress’ point of view, Dulandal must be an eyesore. Maybe she is deliberately leaving Dulandal alone to obtain the justification to break the will.’

It was time to decide. Should he remain with Dulandal, who would surely become a traitor, and suffer all types of dangers and damages? Or should he think of the benefits if Dulandal’s rebellion succeeded and take the risk?

‘Shit, the penalty I will receive when breaking the oath of loyalty is so big. Am I forced to stay?’

A knight’s loyalty was an obligation. Knights who broke their vows would suffer a great loss. It was why player knights might be abandoned by their masters but they couldn’t easily betray their masters. Resh was struggling with a heavy heart when a notification window rose in his vision.

[Your master Dulandal has given a new command to all knights.]

[A quest will occur.]

[Reclaim the Forests]

[Difficulty: S

I can’t help but lament the illegal occupation of the forests by the dirty different species.

Now is the time to fight for human peace, rights, and dignity.

We will work with the innocent victims to liberate forests across the continent.

Quest Clear Condition: Liberate three forests.

Quest Clear Reward: A medal of military merit. The linked quest ‘Reclaim the Forests II’ will occur.

Quest Failure: Durandal's confidence in you will drop.]


He should wait and observe a bit more. Under the guidance of a senior knight, Resh left the empire with a heavy heart.

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