Chapter 1103 (Teaser)

The types of people were very diverse. The more people that were gathered, the more likely it was that there would be conflicts and events. That’s why it was difficult to manage large cities.

For small cities with small populations, increasing the facilities made the people satisfied, which in turn maintained public sentiment and policies. However, large cities already had everything, often causing public sentiment and public security to worsen for odd reasons. The lords of large cities had to constantly devise policies which could satisfy more people, and the implementation of policies consumed taxes. Consequently, the expenditure of taxes caused a decline in public sentiment and security.

“This is a headache. There are a group of people who are constantly instigating trouble.” 

“There is no policy that satisfies everyone. Even if the majority is satisfied, the minority will lose money. This means it is virtually impossible to maintain public sentiment and security perfectly.”

“Didn’t Chris manage it well when he was a lord?”

“Chris had many helpers. His colleagues have been with him since the days of the Giant Guild.”

“His skills must be superior to mine.”


“Don’t worry about it. Chris—he was a real monster.”

In Reidan, the second capital of the Overgeared Kingdom...

Zednos, who became Chris’ successor, found this task very hard. He found it daunting just to maintain the current status, let alone develop the city. The city’s economy...

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