Chapter 1102 (Teaser)

The elves suffered from a severe gender imbalance. Despite their long lifespans, they lacked breeding power and had a very small population. They were one of the smallest populations on the planet. However...

“Black thing...?”

“Your old colleague. I need the flesh of the fallen.”

“Let’s see. I don’t know what you mean.”

Today, the elves were occupying forests across the continent despite their small numbers. Why was this possible? That was simple. It was because they were supreme predators. As it had been revealed a long time ago, the elves were an upper species beyond the vampires and evil eyes. What if they didn’t seek harmony but wielded full strength? What if they retaliated every time they were exploited and betrayed by humans?

“Human, this is the final warning. Get out of the forest right now.”

“Shut up and tell me where the black thing is.”

“I’ll kill you.”

If so, the planet would’ve been divided between humans and elves. Five elves hid in a giant tree while watching the intruder. They shot at the intruder who had repeatedly disregarded the warning. There was no hesitation. After being betrayed once again by the human Kir and after one of...

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