Chapter 1101

“Armor. Gruruk. Don’t want it. It’s frustrating.”

“I’ll wear it normally and take it off when I’m fighting.” 

“...?” Then why wear it? As he watched Teruchan, Grid was convinced that Teruchan was much smarter than Jude. Grid cleared his throat and added, “You must be ready for any unexpected attacks.”

“No need. Gruruk. Warriors won’t be subjected to cowardly ambushes.”

“Listen to me. Are you loyal?”

“That is something separate! Gruruk!


Teruchan’s muscles seemed to be carved out of thick rocks. Grid had witnessed their expansion. In particular, every time Teruchan used the Iron Arm skill to throw his weapons, Teruchan’s shoulders and forearms more than doubled in size.

‘That’s why I made cloth and leather armor.’

Grid obviously failed. The cloth and leather armor Grid made wasn’t able to keep up with Teruchan’s muscles’ expansion. The cloth stretched by a certain amount and was torn to the limit of its elasticity while the leather squeezed Teruchan’s muscles.

‘I understand why he doesn’t like it. It is uncomfortable.’

No, Teruchan must’ve felt a fear beyond discomfort. He would’ve realized that his armor would become shackles that would harm.

‘I can’t force him to wear armor until I have enough Greed.’

Greed had very free elasticity. This was a characteristic it inherited from adamantium. Grid was convinced that armor made of Greed would withstand Teruchan’s muscles’ expansion. However, it was too much to make armor with Greed right away.

If he removed the pavranium-related traits from Greed, the ‘Grid’ condition of use would disappear. However, there was no guarantee that the insane dragon hammer and anvil would delete only the traits he wanted to remove. If even the properties of adamantium were removed, the whole point of using Greed to make the armor would disappear.

‘My experience has shown that the properties of the metals are likely to be eliminated. I can’t try it yet as I might consume a few pieces of Greed.’

First, it was necessary to improve the insane dragon hammer and anvil. He had to make it easier to choose his desired properties.

“Then take this.” Grid threw a large cloth at Teruchan. “It is underwear. Wear this even if you don’t wear underwear.”

The only thing Teruchan was currently wearing was a piece of yellow, discolored cloth. It barely covered his important areas, and from behind, his hard buttocks were exposed. It was sensational enough that some male groups protested, stating that the male body was more sexually objectified than necessary. In any case, the value of the defense wasn’t as good as the appearance.

On the other hand, the Grid-made underwear boasted double-digit defense. It was a huge defense of 10. 10 was definitely better than nothing. It could be particularly helpful for Teruchan, whose defense surged on a percentage.

“It is bigger than you’re used to, so it might be frustrating at first, but you’ll get used to it. It is as close to the skin as possible, so there won’t be any discomfort or interference to your behavior.”


Ah, don’t worry that it will pop out. I put an extra piece of cloth in front.”


The dense stitching was maintained at regular intervals. The underwear that Grid handed over not only looked nice, but it also contained the effort and care of the creator. Looking at the underwear with a blank expression, Teruchan asked carefully, “Great warrior. I like this armor. Gruruk. Is the underwear made by you?”

“I have a lot of talent.”

...Gruruk...” Teruchan’s eyes reddened. Like many orcs, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age, so he was unfamiliar with receiving gifts. It was the first time someone had carefully made him precious underwear that should be worn every day. “Until the cloth is destroyed. Gruruk. Without changing it every day. Gruruk. I will wear it carefully.”

“What? What are you saying? I will make a lot, so change them every day.”

"No! I won’t take it off once! Guruk! Your sincerity! Won’t be forgotten!”


He didn’t hear Grid’s words. If Teruchan’s skin was green like normal orcs, he would’ve been nicknamed Tree Frog. Grid smiled and brought up the recipe for Failure. The reason why he didn’t take out the production method for the White Tiger Sword or Enlightenment Sword was that Failure was a ‘greatsword.’

However, Teruchan was good at using the broadsword, so Grid thought Teruchan’s synergy with Failure would be much better. In the beginning, Grid regarded Failure highly.

‘The damage estimate of Failure is incomparable to that of other swords.’

Looking at the blueprint of the White Tiger Sword that Grid created with Kraugel, the damage for the unique rated White Tiger Sword ranged from 493 to 817. Then there was the production method for the Enlightenment Sword. The damage of the unique rated version ranged from 930 to 1,050.

On the other hand, the default damage for the unique rated Failure was ranged from 733 to 1,621. Of course, the White Tiger Sword and the Enlightenment Sword were one-handed swords. They were fundamentally different from Failure which was a two-handed sword that maximized aggression.

Moreover, Failure was made of low-value materials instead of adamantium, blood stone, the sacred creature’s breaths, and the by-products of a great demon. Despite the premise of being made using relatively low-grade materials, the damage estimate of Failure was comparable to a divine sword’s. It wasn’t just at a scary level. This was a scam. As a result, the penalty of excessive ‘conditions of use’ occurred, and this was the reason for the name ‘Failure’. Nevertheless, Teruchan was the strongest warrior.

Teruchan was able to meet the conditions for using Failure.

‘30% of 4,000 is 1,200, so Teruchan’s strength in combat rises up to 5,200. Right?’

Grid knocked on the calculator again, just in case, before telling Teruchan, “Teruchan, I’m going to make you two weapons. One is a more usable broadsword, and the other is a very good greatsword.”


“Instead, you will have to make full use of your strength to swing the greatsword. You usually use a broadsword. Carry the greatsword on your back and use it in battle. Always practice to become good at changing weapons.

“Why is it hard?”

Teruchan really didn’t understand. As the strongest warrior, why wouldn’t he be able to swing a sword easily? Understanding it was impossible for him.

“I. Gruruk. A giant tree can be uprooted and wielded. A sword. Gruruk. It is easy to swing.”

“I think it is due to the poor structure... Well, you’ll know once you use it yourself.”

Grid poured all the Greed that had been gathered into the roaring furnace. Of course, one was left for proliferation. 

“Let’s start production.”

Grid pulled out the insane dragon hammer and anvil. Unlike armor, there was no problem if the properties of the minerals are deleted. Therefore, there was no hesitation in his actions.

Ttang! Ttang!

Smelting, forging, tempering, quenching, and so on... 

Surprisingly, Grid’s speed wasn’t fast as he underwent a series of processes. No, he was slower than average blacksmiths. It was because he formed the shape of the sword with the hammer without using the casting method. Grid might be able to mass-produce items within a few hours using the auto-production method, but he still stuck to manual work for important items. He didn’t care about straining his body or mind if he could increase the chances of getting a better result.

‘I need more strong colleagues.’

In Satisfy, peace was a timely concept. The 2 billion players were working hard, and there were countless new episodes starting or ending. It could be a small story about the evacuation of the house next door or a serious story involving the Yatan Church and the great demons.

However, one thing was certain. Some episodes would surely be accompanied by a new crisis. There was also a possibility that the stage of the game, currently confined to the West Continent, would be extended overnight to the East Continent. Grid needed to prepare for when the time came. So, he wanted more colleagues, and he wanted his colleagues to be strong. This was why he understood and endured the long absences of Asmophel, Mercedes, and the 10 meritorious retainers.

‘I can’t be ashamed when meeting everyone again.’

Ttang! Ttang!

‘I hone my environment.’

The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath and Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience had been changed to passive skills during his competition against the blacksmithing god Hexetia. Based on that power, Grid’s concentration reached the limit.


[The Failure Honoring the Strongest Warrior has been completed!]

“...?” Grid woke up from the trance that he had fallen into when working. Of course, Grid had hoped for a great result. Most of the properties might’ve been deleted, but he used Greed as a material. Still, he didn’t dare wish for a modifier to be attached.

Failure itself was a defective item, so the system had a low probability of a high degree of completion. Yet a modifier was attached. It was perfect for Teruchan.

[Failure Honoring the Strongest Warrior]

[Rating: Unique (Growth)

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power: 1,190~2,005  Defense: 80

* Agility +60

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a chance of activating ‘5 Joint Attacks.’

* There is a chance of activating ‘Cutting.’

* The skill ‘Bisect’ will be generated.

* There is a high probability of triggering ‘Crush.’

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 10 levels lower than the user.

* +20% damage when used by Teruchan.

After reaching enlightenment against the god, Blacksmith Grid reinterpreted the failed work that he made during the days when he was lacking.

It is a greatsword, but its cutting ability is excellent because of its unique shape. The greatsword resembles a shark—the predator of the sea—and incites fear in the enemies. The small blades spiking out from the sword will increase the defense. 

Additionally, all elements are in consideration for Teruchan.

Teruchan will feel a sense of unity with this weapon.

Conditions of Use: Teruchan. Grid.

Weight: 860]

“I brushed my teeth as much as possible...”

Grid didn’t expect the conditions of use to change this way. He looked like a liar. It was a state where he couldn’t be an example for a 19-year-old kid...

Grid shook his head and looked out the window. It was a deep night. He started working in the early evening, so it hadn’t been long since he started.


His eyes were watery, and his legs were shaking. There was no sensation in both of his hands. The sweat all over his body had cooled down. Grid confirmed that his stamina gauge was running out and glanced to the side. He saw Teruchan. Teruchan’s eyes were hollow, and his thin cheeks made him seem like he was sick.

“What? Why are you like that?” Grid asked with worry.

Grruk. You are not a great warrior.” Teruchan’s big hands wrapped around him. “You. Gruruk. You aren’t a great blacksmith.”


In front of the baffled Grid...

“You.” Teruchan fell to his knees. “You are Great Grid. Grruk.

Teruchan was ignorant of blacksmithing. Therefore, he observed Grid’s attitude. Then he was thrilled many times. Grid had been working two and a half days for him, who was an enemy only a few days ago. His true heart toward Teruchan would never be forgotten.

“Armor. Gruruk. I’ll wear it. I will wear it even if I feel uncomfortable.”

“That...” Grid was startled.

Was it due to the title effect of Different Species’ King? His affinity with Teruchan was reaching the maximum. It was the best record ever. Grid smiled and stroked Teruchan’s forehead, which was bigger than his.

“You don’t have to wear it if it is uncomfortable. You could become upset.”

“No. Gruruk. I’ll wear it.”

“No. I’ll make new armor for you later.”

“Until then. Gruruk. The armor you made today. Gruruk. I’ll wear it.”

“No, dammit! Listen to me!”

Hiccup! I understand.”

“S-Sorry for getting angry.”


Damn, he swore in front of Teruchan and made Teruchan feel like he got scolded. Grid hated himself.

Simultaneously, in a forest in the Gauss Kingdom...

“Human, get lost. This is the territory that we elves are defending.”

“Tell me where that black thing is before you die.”

Another species was meeting a man with green hair.

“Black thing...?”

“Your old colleague. I need the flesh of the fallen.”

One step...

After acquiring the third class—Demon World Noble—and gaining more authority, he was only one step away from the resurrection of his old lover.

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