Chapter 1101 (Teaser)

“Armor. Gruruk. Don’t want it. It’s frustrating.”

“I’ll wear it normally and take it off when I’m fighting.” 

“...?” Then why wear it? As he watched Teruchan, Grid was convinced that Teruchan was much smarter than Jude. Grid cleared his throat and added, “You must be ready for any unexpected attacks.”

“No need. Gruruk. Warriors won’t be subjected to cowardly ambushes.”

“Listen to me. Are you loyal?”

“That is something separate! Gruruk!


Teruchan’s muscles seemed to be carved out of thick rocks. Grid had witnessed their expansion. In particular, every time Teruchan used the Iron Arm skill to throw his weapons, Teruchan’s shoulders and forearms more than doubled in size.

‘That’s why I made cloth and leather armor.’

Grid obviously failed. The cloth and leather armor Grid made wasn’t able to keep up with Teruchan’s muscles’ expansion. The cloth stretched by a certain amount and was torn to the limit of its elasticity while the leather squeezed Teruchan’s muscles.

‘I understand why he doesn’t like it. It is uncomfortable.’

No, Teruchan must’ve felt a fear beyond discomfort. He would’ve realized that his armor would become shackles that would harm.

‘I can’t force him to wear armor until I have enough Greed.’

Greed had very free ...

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