Chapter 110 (Teaser)

Satisfy implemented a system of complete freedom. It had more than two billion users. The two billion people could freely select or pioneer more than 10,000 classes. These 10,000 classes had something in common.. 

Each common class had a top 10 rankings. It seemed like the same IDs every time. This meant that the top 10 of each class were widening the gap with those ranked below 11th, and it was virtually impossible for new figures to enter the top 10 rankings.

Then approximately six months ago, there was a major upheaval in the rankings of 16 major classes. The Tzedakah Guild moved from L.T.S to Satisfy and entered the top 10 of each ranking in just four months. It had a large impact on users and the Tzedakah Guild made a spectacular debut in Satisfy, gaining the media’s attention.

After that...

The rankings became stuck again for a while. After the Tzedakah Guild appeared, the top rankers stayed the same for more than half a year.

It was around a month ago. Just like when the Tzedakah Guild appeared in the past, a major upheaval once again appeared in the rankings. New figures appeared in the top 10 rankings of 10 major classes like comets. Those 10 people were called the ‘10 Rookies’ and received people’s praise and expectations.

“Cursed Bloodline!”

[The blood imprinted in the Thorn of Deep Grievance has resonated with your blood and makes you run wild.]

[Skill damage has increased by 150%. Movement speed has increased by 80%.]

[Health is continuously...

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