Chapter 1099 (Teaser)

Pangea’s Duke of Virtue had a terrible chance of triggering once every few years. Grid only kept Pangea’s Duke of Virtue and didn’t expect it to actually burst out. 

After fighting and winning, he planned to try and obtain Teruchan using the ‘Different Species’ King’ title, which had the effect of ‘gaining great affinity with different species’ and ‘two times the probability of creating a good impression if the target is a different species.’ 

Now the effect of Pangea’s Duke of Virtue was triggered.

‘It is honey. Did the odds increase after activating against Noll?’

The fire that soared due to God's Command stopped. However—

“Look! Open your eyes!”

The joy was fleeting. Teruchan was dying. The orc lord who had endured Grid’s onslaught was trembling.

“Wake up! Get up!”

Teruchan looked confused as Grid pulled out a potion. He raised Teruchan and forcefully poured potions into his mouth. However, it didn’t work at all.

‘He can’t be healed?’

Why wasn’t he recovering? Was this trolling? Grid brought up Teruchan’s status window since they were now colleagues.

Name: Teruchan

Age: 19   Gender: Male

Race: Twilight Orc

Title: Strongest Warrior

* Strength and health stats increase in proportion...

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