Chapter 1098 (Teaser)

For the two billion Satisfy players, there was one memory commonly engraved in their minds—Grid’s strength. Among them, it was his ‘attack power.’ People didn’t forget the day when this Asian person appeared on the world stage for the first time. He defeated great demons and annihilated the rankers in the National Competition. Grid’s unparalleled damage set new standards and targets for the two billion players.

Now the orc lord Teruchan.

“I! Guruk! Want to! Win!”

He remained steadfast despite allowing Grid’s sword dances that even the great demons shrank back against. He fought against Grid with a ragged body that didn’t fall and he didn’t know how to give up. Still, it was funny. He had 100,000 elite troops yet he insisted on a one-on-one match to the very end. He was foolish and stupid.

Even so, few people laughed at Teruchan. His attitude of respect for manners and honor attracted people.

Shortly after Grid summoned the blue dragon, the breaking news reports called it one of the ‘four sacred creatures’ of the East Continent. In response to Teruchan’s call, Grid descended to the ground and used speed and movements never seen before. Unlike the previous days...

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