Chapter 1097 (Teaser)

Gravity stiffened the hard skin and crushed the entire body. The scenery that entered his field of view passed quickly. The screams of the wind echoed endlessly.


Orc Lord Teruchan fell down from the clouds high above him. He was going to collide with the cold and hard ground but he only focused on counting. The thing that made him afraid wasn’t the destruction and suffering of his fallen flesh but the loss of honor.

The Overgeared King. The human being who provoked him to endure 10 blows...

He was indeed strong. His skills, amazing swordsmanship, tricky magic, powerful lightning, and self-moving artifacts made him greater than the previous orc lord. Surprised by this person’s ability to summon a dragon, Teruchan realized that he had to be mindful of defeat.

Lightning accompanied the blue dragon that struck Teruchan. As he felt the exhilarating pain of all the cells in his body stiffening, Teruchan admitted it. The opponent was strong. The title Hero King was never false. Yes... He might lose. Even so, no matter...

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