Chapter 1094 (Teaser)

(Are you satisfied with being an orc?)

A survey was conducted on players who changed races. The response rate was 68%, which was very good. Of those, 80% answered positively. It must be positive. Most of the players who switched race to an orc were melee damage dealers. In the first place, they chose the orc race because of the orc’s physical power. Stamina that didn’t wear out easily, high health, destructive power, a broad vision, and so on—the orcs’ superior physical abilities greatly satisfied them.

-It is a race optimized for battle. Survival is guaranteed, and there are fewer blind spots in your vision. You can’t lose if you’re fighting a player of the same level.

-The problem is that mana is reduced by two times, so you can’t use many skills.

-I agree. The mana itself is lacking, and mana recovery is so slow that it is vulnerable in long fights. When it comes to intelligence, buffs are essential.

-The intelligence coefficient should really be buffed. I lose every time I meet a magician. I can’t resist the abnormal statuses caused by spells, and my health drops every time I’m hit by magic.

-Don’t you want too much? I’m in a position to wish for a buff. But to be honest, if I receive an intelligence buff...

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