Chapter 1093 (Teaser)

It was an opening. The world changed overnight. Those visiting the forest heard the singing of elves while armored men wrestled and played on the beach. On one mountain, people with dog ears appeared to play tricks on merchants while orcs hung around villages.

How many people imagined that they would spend their daily lives with these species? Intelligent players who had been eagerly reading web novels and manhwa adapted easily, but most people were confused by the strange changes. They were frightened or anxious by the emergence of these difference species they had never heard about.

Still, weren’t humans adaptive creatures? The confusion was only for a moment before the people quickly adapted to the change. Some people cooperated with the different species to see new opportunities while others chose to be part of the species, and some others took advantage of the species’ innocence to hit them in the back of the head. There were also people who hunted and traded these species like they were monsters.

The conclusion was that this world was the same, regardless...

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