Chapter 1092 (Teaser)

‘Why would he say something so useless?’

The Arrogant Blue Dragon’s Boots—Grid felt that the newly created boots were perfect. He was confident that he had completed the best item with impeccable features. The only regret was the existence of the reconstruction option.

What was the point of the boots having a destruction recovery ability and fixed durability after damage when the durability was infinite? It was a useless option because there was nothing that could damage the durability or destroy the form in the first place.

However, Reconstruction was a function of Berith’s Hoof, and the fixed durability post-invincibility option was a function created by the title Protagonist of Two Eras. The item was made from Greed, making these two options a natural occurrence. The existence of these two options didn’t cause any harm, so Grid wasn’t bothered.


-I think there is a risk of becoming a troll due to the Lightning God skill, but I don’t think it is something to worry about unless you are really unlucky.

Lauel’s words struck a chord with Grid.

Lightning God—it was a probability skill that gave him complete physical resistance but made him vulnerable to magic. He could be ruined if it were triggered against an enemy strong in magic. Of course, the probability of triggering Lightning God was low, and the advantages...

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