Chapter 1091 (Teaser)


Shin Youngwoo, a great existence of the world, had fallen into a lifelong agony. He wanted to eat lettuce wraps in the morning, but as soon as it was time to eat, he opened the lid of a can of tuna because it was troublesome to wash the important lettuce.

‘Don’t wash it and just eat it.’

The development of science and technology had made humanity indolent.

“Thanks to organic pesticides developed by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, academia made a thesis that vegetables don’t need to be washed before being eaten these days. Even so, there is the possibility of chewing some soil. However, for convenience, it is a modern person’s attitude that it is necessary to chew a bit of dirt. Shin Youngwoo, a modern man who has never been out of fashion, doesn’t need to wash lettuce before eating...”

Mutter mutter.

Shin Youngwoo, who was trying to hypnotize himself to eat a meal of unwashed lettuce, suddenly stopped acting. He ran straight to the sink and cleaned dozens of lettuce leaves.

‘I can’t do this.’

Maybe it was because he was putting all his energy into Satisfy, but he had been wishing for a normal life ever since.

‘I will get used to the convenience of postponing everything and become lazy. Let’s clean them once and eat.’

“Yum yum. Lick lick.”

The legendary blacksmith, master of the Overgeared Guild, and king of the Overgeared Kingdom—Shin Youngwoo was a person who could target a global conglomerate. Why did he eat a simple meal every time and do the housework in a 10,000-won shirt? He did so because it was naturally nice and comfortable.

The meal? Youngwoo had grown up in a difficult environment, so his tastes were very ordinary. He preferred to eat canned tuna...

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