Chapter 109 (Teaser)

Most of the people attending the reunion were intent on making fun of Shin Youngwoo. However, now that he got rid of his debtor status and succeeded, no one could make fun of him. Thus, the reunion lost its primary purpose and became very awkward. In particular, Lee Junho couldn’t say anything and left first after finishing his glass of alcohol. Since then, the mood slowly changed. They noticed Lee Junho leaving and started to bombard Youngwoo with questions.

"How did you appear with the 13 series? Did you win the lottery or something? Weren’t you struggling with a debt the last time I saw you?”

"Youngwoo, have you become a ranker in Satisfy? Did you get a lot of money from recording broadcasts? Will we see you on TV sooner or later?”

"What’s your relationship with Yura? Are you two really dating?”

"Dating the woman who is every man’s romance... I can’t imagine how superior you feel...”

Curiosity, envy, and jealousy were all showing in the alumni’s eyes. As Youngwoo was enjoying this situation, some people from his school days who he thought were friends spoke to him.

"Hey~ Youngwoo, do you remember how close we were in school? It was fun at the time... Don’t you miss it sometimes? Should we hang out together sometime?”

“Oh! This is good! Everyone became distant after going to the army and university, so this will be good!” 


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