Chapter 1089 (Teaser)

“The name of the new mineral is...”

Of course, it had to be Overgeared Stone.

‘...I don’t think so.’

Then Overgearanium?


The growth couldn’t be limited to one thing. If side A developed, the synergy effect of side B developing together was human growth. Grid realized that his naming sense was lousy thanks to his improved intellectual ability, and he hesitated.

‘Both are too bad.’

Now he understood Lauel’s reaction when he named the Overgeared Guild and Overgeared Kingdom. Lauel had adapted, but he surely wouldn’t have fallen asleep too easily when he first heard the names ‘Overgeared Guild’ and ‘Overgeared Kingdom’. Of course, the feeling might be a bit different if Grid were watched from a third party’s perspective.

Grid scratched his cheeks and his chin. Every item he created couldn’t be called Overgeared something. It was too monotonous and not fun. He had even tried to name the White Tiger Sword as the Stone Sword. No, did he try to name the Stone Sword as the White Tiger Sword...? In any case, Grid had become seriously concerned about naming since that time and was troubled...

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