Chapter 1088 (Teaser)

[Adamantium that Lost its Light]

[-Debris from a crashed meteorite.

It has the hardness and strength of adamantium but has lost its divine power.

Weight: 10]

At Reinhardt’s smithy...


Adamantium was a ‘mineral’ that naturally grew in the god realm. Yet the meteorite was called adamantium. Why was this?

Grid held the grey matter in his hand and pondered on it. Then Dwarf Ke approached. “It was said that Goddess Rebecca split the high mountains in the distant heavens and formed the sun, moon, and stars from the fragments,” he explained the connection between adamantium and the meteorite using mythological content. “The fragment of that giant mountain is the first adamantium.”

“I see.”

The endowment of probability. This was the moment when the fundamental role of NPCs and quests was revealed. Grid nodded at the answer.

Ke threw him a new question, “So what do you think blood stone is?”


“The background that our blacksmiths use to create new objects on the basis of minerals are the teachings of the goddess of light. We know about the role of minerals in creation because the material that...

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