Chapter 1086 (Teaser)

“Repent? Bullshit!”

There was no utopia. There might be situations that satisfied the majority, but it was difficult for a situation to satisfy everyone. Now Kasim was proving it. As Grid and the 10 had great expectations for their future with the new empire, Kasim’s anger reached its peak. Even Regas, who believed that Asura had the scariest face in the world, was frightened by Kasim’s distorted face.

“Your empire considered us ominous just because of our dark skin.”


“We were accused of listening to the movements of the empire because of our big ears and called beasts, instead of humans, because of our long arms.”


“Our women were insulted by the soldiers of your empire who invaded the land. All of our men were killed and dismembered by the knights of your empire. Your imperial nobles kept our royal family in cages and watched them for amusement.”


It wasn’t only Kasim’s family and friends. Everyone had been killed after suffering terrible humiliation. Their country disappeared entirely. Kasim’s eyes...

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