Chapter 1085 (Teaser)

Grid returned to the Overgeared Kingdom with Piaro. The reason he chose to walk instead of using the return scroll or warp facilities was out of consideration for Piaro. The end of the emperor, which came in an unexpected form, made Piaro feel lost.


Piaro’s face was gloomy and haggard as he walked silently for a few days. Often, he would rush forward and roar when he couldn’t contain his anger. Grid felt more troubled as he chased after Piaro. He didn’t think Piaro would be able to smile again...

Grid felt anxious. Ironically, Piaro had been able to endure up to now because of the emperor. That’s right. He was the reason why Piaro managed to keep himself sane after losing his colleagues, family, and entire life. It was due to his hatred and desire for vengeance against the emperor. He must’ve dreamt of slashing the emperor’s throat every night.

Yet he couldn’t get revenge on the emperor whom he’d met. Piaro couldn’t fulfil his dreams or even let out curses. The emperor had died willingly… by the hands of someone that wasn’t Piaro.

Kuek...! Kuaaaaak!

The seizure began again. Piaro, who was eating the beef jerky Grid handed to him, shook wildly and held an axe. He charged like an angry bull and roared. The steep ridges,...

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