Chapter 1084 (Teaser)

[Juander, 19th emperor of the Saharan Empire, has died.]

[Duke Basara has ascended to the throne as the new empress.]

[All players part of the Basara Duchy will receive the ‘New Emperor’s Blessing’ buff. For the next month, experience acquisition will increase by 5% and penalties for deaths will be reduced by 50%.]

Basara’s succession to the throne was surprisingly easy. Since Duke Grenhal and Morse proved the emperor’s will, could the princes easily accept it...? 1st Prince Roland did. He followed the emperor so passively that he had little desire for power. Consequently, he respected his father’s will and supported Basara as the new empress.

The nobles who invested heavily in making Roland the next emperor were upset, but their backlash was small. Not only was there a lack of justification for violating the will of the previous emperor but the power of the three dukes was too great. Basara’s character was very good and wise, so they weren’t afraid she would harm them as empress.

On the other hand, 2nd Prince Dulandal and his faction were very opposed. They shouted that they couldn’t be convinced of Basara as the empress when the emperor’s sons were still...

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