Chapter 1082 (Teaser)

[You are the first player to discover the ‘Imperial Palace’s Secret Passage’!]

[Your achievement of discovering the last retreat of the emperor is truly remarkable!]

[You have received the ‘Imperial Palace’s Blueprint’ as a first discovery reward!]

[The Great Robber of the Red Night is interested in you. Watch out for red nights.] 

[Imperial Palace’s Blueprint (Central Section)]

[Rating: Legendary

The imperial palace of the Saharan Empire is one of the finest buildings in history, designed by the best architects and dwarves.

There are a total of 19 blueprints of the imperial palace, among which the highest technical strength is concentrated in the central blueprint.

These are also the basics for imparting the best architectural skills.

Acquisition Effect: Open the craftsman great Architecture skill. Understanding of the imperial palace’s structure will rise by 10%. The probability of making a historic building will permanently increase.

Learning Conditions: Architect.

Weight: 0.1]


The seven malignant saints...


The expelled gods...

After learning about the grandmaster’s identity and desires, Grid was confused and couldn’t handle the amount of information flooding in. The interior of the huge passage, where night stones were installed in one-meter intervals and scattering...

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