Chapter 1081 (Teaser)

“Won’t you be the emperor?”

Cats became tigers after three years of military life. They could read the timing just looking at the movement of the soldiers. It wasn’t hard to know what was going on after Grid had been with Lauel for a few years.

“Grandmaster, you betrayed the emperor and stood on Edan’s side.”

“The expression ‘betrayal’ isn’t appropriate. I’m just exercising my right.”

“Your right?”

The grandmaster was very kind to Grid. He told his story in great detail, “A long time ago, a man came to me and offered me a deal. He asked me to make him the emperor. He said that if he became emperor, he would surely fulfill my heart’s desire.”

“That person...”

“Yes, it was Saharan. I made him emperor, but coincidentally, he failed to keep his promise to me. The promise he failed to keep was to be fulfilled by his descendants. However, time passed, and the imperial family forgot about their promise to me, reaching the present point.” The grandmaster’s gaze turned to inside the audience hall.

In the aftermath of the free farming, the audience hall was gradually becoming farmland. Edan and Piaro could be seen fighting among the ripened rice.

The grandmaster...

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