Chapter 1080 (Teaser)

The red light from the imperial palace covered the entire capital, Titan. This meant that Grid could witness the sight from the outskirts.

“A very large butcher’s store...!” This was Grid’s impression.

Grid shouted it unknowingly, but fortunately, Basara’s group didn’t hear it. No, they heard it, but they couldn’t afford to worry about it. It was because they were busy worrying about the change in the capital that was now unfolding in front of them.

“The sky and the earth are red... Why is this...?”

“A fearful omen. The 4th imperial prince is crazy, and the empire will be destroyed.”

Basara’s retainers lamented. They felt a great ominous feeling from this incomprehensible supernatural phenomena. This was when Basara’s clear voice awakened everyone’s spirit, “That is red energy.”

“Red energy?”

Anxiety was washed away from the faces of those who learnt the identity of the red light shrouding the capital. The red energy was a symbol of the imperial family. From the standpoint of those who served the royal Basara, the red energy was an auspicious power.

“The red energy could be this widespread? His Majesty’s power is much greater than I thought.”

People believed that the owner of this red energy was naturally the emperor. The emperor’s red energy was the strongest in this era. However, Basara knew...

The emperor’s red energy wasn’t this great. This was at a level that broke even the common sense of the imperial family.

‘Who is it?’

The main characteristic of red energy was the ‘influence on matter.’ In normal cases, the royalty raised their power by infusing red energy into certain substances and distributing it to their subordinates. The emperor’s power was also unique due to his monopoly of red energy and the black mith...

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