Chapter 108 (Teaser)

Youngwoo was in a hurry. He wanted to meet the alumni sooner now that he was no longer in debt. ‘Look at 23. I’m a success. You can’t ignore or abuse me anymore.’ That’s what he wanted to say. He wanted revenge for how they laughed at and ignored him over the years.


23 drove on the roads, barely keeping to the speed limit. At this speed, he would reach the gathering place within 10 minutes. Youngwoo felt like that was too long to show everyone his changed appearance.

‘But... why is the meeting place on the outskirts of the city? It can’t be reached with public transportation, so it is difficult for anyone without a car. Were they aiming at me?’

It would be very difficult for Youngwoo to go to the reunion place today if he hadn’t paid off the debt or bought a car. He didn’t have any friends to borrow a car from, nor could he use public transportation. Therefore, he would’ve needed to take a taxi.

‘Isn’t it too much to decide on a meeting place like this?’

Youngwoo was confident that he was the victim they were aiming at, since they laughed at him for so long. As he focused on driving, he noticed something and slowed down. In front of him, a woman was opening her car’s bonnet and sending a signal for help.

The usual Youngwoo wouldn’t have helped anyone without any benefits. However, this was an exception. He was curious because the woman asking for help was an obvious beauty, even from far away.

“Look at that style and ratio... it isn’t a joke.”

The woman was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt...

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