Chapter 1079 (Teaser)

Red energy was an innate force. It was difficult to train or grow, just like the blood-sucking ability of the vampires or the evil eyes. This was why the empire in the past simply established a person with superior red energy as the emperor. Those were the days when the strongest person was the emperor. The empire of that time was truly supreme and reigned over everyone. 

Then what about now? Years passed by, and the royal family became intoxicated with power. It wasn’t the strongest but those who were good at machinations that repeatedly became emperor. At some point, the emperor was reduced to a word meaning those who were more insidious or were lucky. They merely habitually advocated the wishes of their ancestors to unify the West Continent and spread to the East Continent. They were busy enjoying a rich life. It was one of the reasons why the imperial family forgot about the commitment to the grandmaster.

The Abyss...

The end of the world...

It was the origin. It was presumed to be a passage connecting this world and hell and was a very important place to fulfill the wishes of both Emperor Saharan and the grandmaster. Now, the grandmaster found it ridiculous because it was only treated as a prison.

“On the other hand, your son has a good side. He noticed what I wanted after visiting...

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