Chapter 1078 (Teaser)

Most incidents in Satisfy had witnesses. The operators? No, they were players. There were more than two billion players, and they existed everywhere in Satisfy. They were connected to Satisfy’s vast worldview by directly or indirectly experiencing various stories that unfolded throughout the continent.

This time was the same as well. The emperor’s palace was regarded as one of the largest buildings on the West Continent. There were players among the thousands of workers. Among them were a few with the skills to deceive the royal guards. Some of them were interested in the imperial upheaval and wandered around the audience hall.

Then they witnessed it. It was the emergence of 4th Prince Edan. The traitor, the source of the current chaos, wandered the palace and indiscriminately slaughtered the royal guards. He opened the door of the audience hall while covered with red blood.

An uproar followed. The players approached the audience hall with great curiosity while holding their breaths. The probability of being expelled from the imperial palace or killed was close to 99.9%, but they couldn’t retreat from the...

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