Chapter 1077 (Teaser)

“It is a report from the scouts.”

“Viscount Donut’s engineering unit has been tied up in Elkas swamp. It is believed that the Thallen Dam collapsed and flooded the river, affecting the swamp.”

“The dam suddenly collapsed? It is Valhalla’s handiwork.”

“Due to the delayed arrival of the engineers, the army of the five eastern nobles—including the viscount—can’t cross the Grand Canyon. The bridges connecting the canyons are too old for us to march over.”

“According to a report submitted by Lord Cran, the canyon’s bridges were repaired three months ago. Yet they are already too old? Is this the work of Valhalla?”

“It appears that the report was fabricated.”

“He made a false report. Immediately put him to death.”

“The 2nd and 3rd armies, who were tracking Marquis Aileen, split into 23 units. It seems that they plan to spread out after determining that the traces of Marquis Aileen ended at Mount Teri.”

“Yes, we have to hold onto Aileen. If he escapes, he can become a focal point of the empress’ nobles.”

“It is said that the spread out 2nd and 3rd armies are being attacked by Valhalla!”

“A battle has begun in Delpito Forest! It is that damn Valhalla again!”


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