Chapter 1075 (Teaser)

Care was necessary when choosing a production material. The excellent options attributed to minerals meant that if the basic properties of hardness, strength, ductility, brittleness, and so on were overlooked, the work would be less complete. It was like seeing a diamond described as ‘very hard’ and using it as a sword material. No matter how powerful the sword was, what was the point if it would shatter after swinging it once or twice?

‘It is different this time. I don’t have to think too much and can choose to focus on performance.’

The essential material for the newly evolved Mineral Creation skill was pavranium. Pavranium’s supply wasn’t infinite, but this problem had already been solved. Grid chose the insane dragon iron as one of the four minerals to be combined with pavranium and planned to consider the remaining three minerals which had no great restrictions. He didn’t need everything and would use something good without fail.

The medium and top minerals that could be obtained easily were excluded from the candidates. Minerals that couldn’t be obtained with money, time, and force. He had to use the extremely high-grade minerals that could only be obtained when luck followed.

‘The insane dragon bead and insane dragon stone are exceptions. I must be vigilant about the characteristics of suppression and rampage.’

Like the insane dragon iron, the insane dragon stone and insane dragon bead were minerals affected by Nevartan’s madness. The insane dragon stone could suppress the mineral’s inherent properties when mixed with other minerals while the insane dragon bed had the ability to multiply...

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