Chapter 1073 (Teaser)

“This uncle is cute.”

“T-This disrespect!”

Even if the mantle of duke were stripped away, Grenhal’s power had accumulated over generations and was great. He was one of the best in the West Continent. If the imperial family abandoned Grenhal, he still had the power to build a nation if he could safely return to his territory. Yet this girl dared to poke their respected master’s cheek with her finger? It was a blasphemy that they had never imagined.

“Daring to poke Duke Grenhal in the cheek...!”

“Get your hands away immediately! You might be in the Saintess’ party but you should show the basic manners!”

Some of the retainers roared. It felt like they would draw their sword at any moment, and all types of notification windows appeared in front of Sexy Schoolgirl.

[You have fallen into the ‘fear’ state.]

[You have fallen into the ‘oppressed’ state.]

[You have fallen into the ‘chaotic’ state.]

[The passive skill ‘Defender of the Miracle’ has allowed you to resist the ‘fear’ and ‘chaotic’ states.]

[The effect of the passive skill ‘Person Who Put a Foot in the Miracle’ has reduced the duration of the ‘oppression’ state. Transfers the ‘oppression’ to the target for as long as the reduced time.]

[The target has resisted.]

[The target has resisted...]

“...!” Grenhal's retainers were stunned. She didn’t shrink back and even confronted their...

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