Chapter 1070 (Teaser)


There was a saying about formality. Yet the king of a country pulling out a cloth and spreading it out around himself...? This was a sight that Limit had never imagined in his lifetime. Flap. In a moment of desperation, Grid unfolded the cloth. The explosion of light, that should’ve swallowed up Grid and Limit, was sucked into the cloth.



Silence flowed. From Limit, who had maintained a serious expression since he first appeared, to Biplonz who was watching the situation, Ke ong who was dozing off from boredom as the battle lengthened, the dukes, and the unidentified prisoners all over the place… Everyone in the Abyss briefly lost their wits.

It meant that the legacy of the legendary tailor was so great. Was there an unbelievable modifier in front of the name?

[Mysterious Cloth]

[Rating: Legendary

Durability: None

A four-dimensional cloth that neutralizes damage of the ‘explosion’ type.

Once the cloth is unfolded at the explosion point, all the explosive energy is absorbed into the cloth.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.]

“...It was an explosion caused by consuming Origin True Energy. It had the power to blow up even the gates of the imperial palace which is covered by all types of protective spells. Yet you blocked it?” The visibly shocked Limit murmured. Limit’s gaze was fixed on the cloth that Grid was holding, and...

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