Chapter 107 (Teaser)

The 13 series, released by Company B in the second half of this year, was the best looking medium sized sedan of the series. The curves were smooth, sleek, and balanced, with the bumper that emphasized simplicity. It deserved praise for blending sports and force at the same time. The low body contrasted with the high back. The silver muffler was one of its important charming points.

The 800 million won car, highly acclaimed for its design in a prominent magazine, was now Shin Youngwoo’s.

Kuoh... Really cool.”

In front of Shin Youngwoo’s house...

Shin Youngwoo was impressed as the car arrived. The matte black color gave it an even higher quality feel. He wanted to drive this car on the road right now. It was obvious that everyone would focus their attention on this top of the line car.

He wanted to call out to a beautiful woman.

‘Hey, hop in!’ This was what he wanted to yell.

The 13 series was a car that any woman would want to ride in, so he was confident that he could easily succeed in hunting.

“But hunting will be for later. First...”

Youngwoo started the car. The heavy and powerful roar of the engine made his heart pound.

In fact, the engine of the 13 series was considerably downsized compared to the 12.8 series....

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