Chapter 1069 (Teaser)

Duguen! A rough pulse and hot blood flowed through the cold metal. Iyarugt had craved this sensation during the time when he was only a soul wandering with his body sealed. It was because he felt alive by destroying life. This was the only time he realized that he was alive.

However, not anymore. Iyarugt was in the process of reclaiming his body. He said goodbye to the sick and miserable days when he felt relief through killing.

-Avoid it, a familiar voice echoed from the transparent black-gold sword. It was the voice of Sword Demon Iyarugt. He spoke to the Grid who was showing a slightly emotional expression, -The target’s heart wasn’t completely destroyed. It was the best surprise attack, but the skilled guy coped well.

“Iyarugt, I didn’t know if you were going to answer my call.”

[Granting an Ego]

[You can give the target item an ego.

It will be classified as an ego item, and the value will be astronomical.

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