Chapter 1068 (Teaser)

The battle was surprisingly intense at the beginning, but tension was only felt by Grid’s party. The more he grasped the skills of Grid’s party, the better Limit became. Limit’s swordsmanship was like a torrent. It was difficult to cope with because the flow continued and then changed steeply. The moment they closed one eye, they would be swept away.

Pant... Pant...

After dozens of blows, Coke and Resh were hiding behind a shield like turtles hiding in their shells. Grid’s situation wasn’t much different. Unlike Coke and Resh, he wielded his sword against Limit. Still, he was only defending, and it wasn’t even a perfect defense. Grid rarely found a chance to fight back. The swordsmanship he had never seen before was completely disabling him. Grid felt like his arms and legs were tied tightly. He felt like he was in a sandbag.

‘Wielding a sword against three of us at the same time...’

Sword Duke, the higher stage of a great swordsman—it was one level below a Sword Saint but not at the present time. Sword Saint Kraugel was still incomplete while Sword Duke Limit was already complete. At this point, the Sword Duke was at a higher level than the Sword Saint.


The one-sided loss of health was repeated. Red blood once again filled Grid’s field of view as he failed to...

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