Chapter 1067 (Teaser)

The Saharan Empire is the supreme nation on the West Continent. With a large amount of resources, as many talents as there are stars, and advancing technology, it becomes stronger every day.

This was the introductory statement that appeared when creating a new character. It was why the majority of players chose the empire as their country. The emperor produced outstanding talents every era, fitting of their size. Coincidentally, those who saw the peak of the sword were always born outside the empire. This was the reason why Piaro, who rose to the rank of great swordsman at an early age, was highly anticipated in the empire.

“It has been a while, around four years.”

Sword Duke Limit… As he descended from the ceiling, his appearance was impressive. He had a strong gaze and rough and masculine eyebrows. His finely combed hair and shaved chin reflected his meticulous personality, and he seemed to be a person who controlled himself well.


Limit’s arrival cooled Grid’s wrath. Grid, who had lost his grip on the strings of reason after seeing the state of the three dukes, quickly tied the strings firmly together again. The Sword Duke was such a bigshot that Grid...

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