Chapter 1064 (Teaser)



“This is ridiculous...”

Grid and his party had been acting for two hours. As the exploration of the Abyss progressed, Resh felt admiration, astonishment, and thrill. There was a limit for players. No matter how they raised their stats or applied magic and buffs, there were still system limitations that couldn’t be overcome.

A typical example was attack speed and movement speed. Unless it was an attack or mobile device implemented with a skill or magic, a player’s basic attacks were limited to ‘six times per second’ and general movement speed was limited to ‘18 meters per second.’

Once Resh learned about this, he felt it was impractical and was frustrated. Even if he continued to work hard to grow and achieve great results, he would eventually be bound by the limitations. This caused him to feel great frustration. His frustration that he would never be his best as a player somewhat dampened his enthusiasm. Yet at this moment, Grid was proving otherwise.

Limits? They could be overcome. Grid swung his sword nine times in one second. At first, Resh thought Grid was using a skill, but he wasn’t. Even Grid couldn’t avoid the constraints of resources.


The sight of Grid transcending his limits eradicated the frustration and disillusionment...

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