Chapter 1063 (Teaser)

“It is a very elaborate map...”

This was Resh’s impression. Grid and Coke also agreed.

Satisfy was a world that boasted a size comparable to Earth’s. There were many elaborate places in Satisfy, but the quality of the Abyss was special. Unlike other existing places where the geological and physical phenomena were expressed by the line, ‘99.9% realistic while the atmosphere and phenomenon were somewhat exaggerated’, the Abyss was 100% consistent with reality. The smell, shape, color, texture, physical phenomena, and climate changes, and so on...

Everything was extremely realistic. It was so realistic that it was hard to distinguish between the virtual world and reality, making it feel creepy. Unlike normal maps, there was no BGM, and this enhanced the feeling even further.

‘I always had this thought, but isn’t Chairman Lim Cheolho an alien as rumored?’

Water droplets flowed down the cracked stone walls, and dripping sounds echoed throughout the place. It was inconvenient to move in the Abyss because the rocks were carved in all forms and bulged out everywhere, representing the traces of time. The Abyss wasn’t a straight line underground. As they descended, the inside became as complicated as a labyrinth, and the ceiling seemed to cover the sunlight.

“I’m nervous,” Coke’s voice shook as his pupils reflected the darkness that didn’t allow him to see beyond a meter’s distance. His feelings of nervousness didn’t seem exaggerated.

Grid scolded him, “Didn’t...

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