Chapter 1062 (Teaser)

“These jerks.”

Between level 398 and 399, it might only be a one-level difference, but the experience required to level up was at least twice as much. Grid had speculated this. However, he was mistaken as it wasn’t twice as much, but 10 times as much. It had been a fortnight since he had gotten stuck in the Ruins of the Martial God. Apart from when he visited Reidan for the Ultimate Transformation, Grid had hunted continuously, yet he had only gained 0.09% experience. Since the Ruins of the Martial God was currently the most difficult hunting site, this wasn’t a natural phenomenon.

‘It is because it is like this that I couldn’t level up by hunting Berith. Shouldn’t I level up at this point?’

Grid was well aware of his own strength. He knew he was much stronger if his level was equal to that of an ordinary ranker. Could other people fulfill the demanding experience requirement when they didn’t have overwhelming hunting abilities? Grid thought it was hard.

‘In a year or so, there might be a perception that level 399 is an interval level.’

There would be a period when most users were stuck at level 399. Thinking about it, Grid realized how precious a quest...

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