Chapter 1061 (Teaser)

The high ranker Resh was level 363. The release of the virtual reality game called Satisfy was a great blessing for him who had been obsessed with fantasy novels and movies since he was young.

A knight... He was able to experience the fantastic profession that he had been dreaming of for many years. After thorough preparation and planning, Resh started Satisfy to become a knight and finally achieved his dream. He became the exclusive knight of Dulandal, the 2nd imperial prince.

His level was low compared to NPCs, but he gained trust by studying under a senior and was able to perform the daily quest of ‘guard Dulandal’s side for four hours a day’. A knight of an imperial prince...

It was a noble status, and every day was fulfilling. Resh acted like the knights he envied. He was only loyal to his master, would sacrifice himself for his master, and felt proud of himself.

“Impertinent guy! How dare you treat me like I’m your brother in front of my subordinates?”


Prince Dulandal had an unusual expression as he returned. Resh heard he had visited the palace of the fourth imperial prince this morning, and something seemed to have occurred. A senior knight bowed politely...

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