Chapter 106 (Teaser)

Grid desperately wanted to make just 80,000 gold, but what was this? Forget 80,000 gold, he could earn millions of gold.

Hah, truly.”

An item made from materials contaminated by a foreign substance was completed with a legendary rating!

‘I thought I would be lucky if it didn’t have a garbage rating... well, it’s strange. Is this a dream?’

There was no sense of reality because it was an unexpected result. He pinched his cheek to make sure. Then he spoke with certainty, “It isn’t a dream.”

He could barely believe it, but it was reality.

What type of person was Shin Youngwoo?

He was an icon of bad luck during his 27 years of life.

During elementary school, he went on a school trip and was abducted by someone, so he had no pleasant memories. When he was in middle school, he went on a graduation trip and witnessed a hit and run. He had a tendency to get an upset stomach during athletic meets or picnics, never picked up 100 won on the street, and there were exactly 89 times when he was hit by local gangsters or school bullies.

During his...

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